How to Create Custom Plugins for AlienVault USM

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The ability to create or customize data source plugins is a specialized feature of AlienVault USM which allows you to collect events and data from other platforms beyond those that are natively integrated. The goal of this training is to help demystify the science behind creating your own custom plugins.

Join us for this customer training webcast where our USM experts will walk through:

  • How plugins are structured and constructed
  • Why and when custom plugins are needed
  • How to request a custom plugin from AlienVault
  • How to create a custom plugin
  • Enabling new plugins

Meet Your Host

Scott Purcell

Sr. Technical Trainer

Scott Purcell is a Sr. Technical Trainer for Alienvault with 18 years of experience in training on Enterprise hardware, Linux operating systems, and Cloud solutions. He delivers online training in our one-day Launchpad classes, and online or onsite training for our 5-day AlienVault USM for Security Engineers classes.