How to Configure AlienVault HIDS

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In this webcast we will explore the use of AlienVault HIDS to protect Windows and Linux assets.

Join us for a technical training session to learn how to configure AlienVault HIDS.

During this one-hour session, our technical expert will explore:

  • How OSSEC is implemented in AlienVault HIDS
  • How to configure AGENT.CONF
  • How to track Windows Logon and Logoff events
  • How brute force Windows login attempts are detected

Meet Your Host

John Walsh

Sr. Training Specialist

John is a Sr. Training Specialist for AlienVault with 30 years of experience in Software Development, Operating Systems, Telecoms, Robotics, Virtualization and Cloud solutions. Previously he worked for companies such as Ericsson and VMware. He develops and delivers training online and in person for AlienVault Customers.