Customer Training: How to Use Behavioral Monitoring within AlienVault USM

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In order to catch the latest threats, you need a way to identify anomalies and other patterns that may signal new, unknown behavior. Behavioral monitoring enables you to spot and investigate suspicious network activity, and it also provides the traffic data required to reveal the events that occurred in a potential security breach.

Join us for this customer training webcast where our USM experts will walk through:

  • Monitoring availability/systems services to detect unexpected outages
  • Configuring Netflow collection
  • Spotting anomalies, policy violations, and suspicious activity

Meet Your Host

Scott Purcell

Sr. Technical Trainer

Scott Purcell is a Sr. Technical Trainer for Alienvault with 18 years of experience in training on Enterprise hardware, Linux operating systems, and Cloud solutions. He delivers online training in our one-day Launch.