Best Practices for Azure Cloud Log Collection with USM Anywhere

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Logging in Azure is essential to protecting your Azure cloud environment. Good log management practices form the basis of an effective security program, in the cloud just as in on-premises environments. Capturing and correlating log data is critical for effective threat detection, incident response, and compliance.

With AlienVault® USM™Anywhere, you can automatically create log collection jobs for Azure Monitor and Security logs. Additionally, you can also create jobs for IIS, SQL Server, and Windows if it detects storage locations for these log types. During this customer training webcast, we will walk you through some of the best practices for Azure Cloud Log Collection with USM Anywhere (Azure REST Monitor, Azure Security Alerts, Azure IIS and Azure Windows logs).

Learn how to:

  • Properly configure your Azure VM to send it's logs to a BLOB container
  • How to verify if your logs are going to a BLOB container
  • Setting up USM Anywhere to pull the Azure logs from a BLOB container using the Scheduler
  • and more

Meet Your Host

Matt Herbert

Sr. Solutions Architect

As a Sr Solutions Architect at AlienVault, Matt Herbert focuses on Threat Intelligence, SIEM and Cyber Defense around Cloud. Matt Herbert acts as a liaison between customers, the AlienVault sales team, and the AlienVault product teams, providing a hands-on, real-world perspective. Prior to joining AlienVault in 2016, Matt Herbert, a self-described “Cyber Defense and Data Protection Enthusiast”, held leadership positions within a variety of other Security Organizations.