Week in Review 18th August 2017

August 18, 2017  |  Kate Brew

At least in the US, there’s been so much political news it’s been distracting from InfoSec this week! Also with our beloved Javvad Malik out-of-pocket we are all in a quandary. I managed to find a few articles of interest in InfoSec news, however.

Oh, the tiresome vaccine analogy again applied to Ransomware

Vaccine discovered for Cerber ransomware - based on its own evasion from @SCMagazineUK

There is a lovely quote from Chris Doman in the article, “If the technique became popular, then the attackers would change this check. And there are thousands of variants of ransomware - it's not scalable to apply local tricks to stop each one,” he said. “When "vaccines" for Locky ransomware became public, the malware authors quickly changed their code so the vaccine no longer worked.”

“That said, it's great that Cybereason and other companies are releasing ransomware specific security applications for free.”


On premises = a false sense of security

On-premise workloads less secure than cloud from @cloudpro

As if “normal” DDoS is not annoying enough, here’s a new “smarter” DDoS technique

Pulse Wave - New DDoS Assault Pattern Discovered from @BleepinComputer

Making me pine for good old cash…

UK Retail Data Breach Incidents Double in a Year from @InfosecurityMag

InfoSec spending rising; fastest in security services

Worldwide information security spending will grow 7% in 2017 from @Helpnetsecurity

At least the week is over...

We can only hope next week InfoSec has more news, and it would be awfully nice if some of it were good news :blush:

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