Turns Out, You Can’t Be Too Paranoid

June 8, 2016  |  John Moran

Maybe You Can't Afford The Ultimate Physical Security System But...

This article was written by John Moran, a director at Minerva Security, which shares over 70 years of experience in the commercial physical security and fire safety industry.

Security is on everyone’s minds these days.

Fear of break-ins, disgruntled employees, and terrorism are the order of the day. So, the question is, how do we protect ourselves?

We could go around with a ninja assassin as our bodyguard; however, that is impractical for a number of reasons. In this blog, I am going to share with you how you can protect yourself by building the “Ultimate Security System”. I will then scale it back a bit and show you what you can do more realistically with technology purchased online.

Of course, if we are building the ‘Ultimate Security System”, we need to also protect the airspace surrounding our business from any potential threats. A radar net would complete the picture to prevent penetration by air along with seismic sensors to detect tunneling activities as well.

The Ultimate Security System Transforms Your Business Into Fort Knox.

When building your security system, it is critical to keep central computers, data storage and anything vital to the running of your security system at the center or the “Keep”. Executives are usually also found here with their protective service details.

Access should be controlled via biometric scanners on the elevators and the height of their location will be dictated by how high up the fire engine companies' ladders will reach.

The data, command, and control centers are usually underground and may be many stories beneath the earth to protect against EMP. This is further enhanced by setting up electromagnetic shielding in the walls as well. Other components of the Ultimate Security System:

  • The floors, doors, and corridor have cameras, motion, and heat detectors for after-hours protection.
  • Pressure sensitive flooring protects vital access points and mantrap double locked doorways isolate individuals until they have been granted access.
  • Further out are the grounds that have sensors placed at all approaches and cameras and floodlights that leave no area unwatched.
  • A double interior fence provides a runway for security dogs and their handlers to patrol.
  • The twin fences are covered with capacitance detectors and motion sensors and may even be electrified.
  • A perimeter wall and observation towers with infrared and night vision equipped cameras and personnel with night vision gear monitor the exterior grounds.
  • Further out is additional fencing topped with barbed wire sensors and more cameras.
  • Warning signs are posted and roving patrols of armed security randomly sweep the area.
  • Cameras, floodlights, and movable spotlights surround the facility.
  • In the air above, drones patrol in random patterns and even helicopters buzz the area to investigate intrusions.
  • Security in some instances could also be beefed up with Lethal Force Hardware in the form of automatic machine guns similar to the ones you saw in the movies Alien and Congo. These sentry guns never sleep and are used by the US military to protect sensitive facilities.

As you can see this type of security system could run into the millions of dollars, depending on the size of the area you want to be secured. The upkeep alone would also require a significant outlay of cash as well.

The human element is the weak link in such a system. Constant vigilance over those who run the system is a necessity as well, as they could compromise it all. The Snowden affair highlighted this weakness as the NSA has similar security arrangements to those we have just discussed. They also had satellite surveillance systems that can read your ID badge from Low Earth Orbit.

Even The Best System Can Be Compromised

This means you have to keep changing it by movement of cameras, moving sensors to new locations, and rotating personnel.

You might need to move around the office, public areas, and even completely rebuilding your facility from time to time to confuse and render information about your system useless to those who would attempt to do you harm.

However, most people do not have to defend against the threat of multinational companies and governments bent on getting to your business secrets.

You can get virtually the same results more easily by using items you can buy online and through some common sense application of personnel reliability.

The number one threat to your security is the people within your business or home. Most security breaches are done by trusted employees or family members.

Final Words

Today you have to be responsible for not only your personal safety but also that of your employees as well as your family and pets. To do this, you have to change your mindset to one of vigilance and thinking in terms of "What If..."

Then you have to set plans into motion to deal with the various contingencies you see.

Setting up a good security system is just one part of the Ultimate Security System. Food and water in case of natural disaster, backup power, and personal survival training are also elements you should consider as well.

The Mormons of Utah have 3 months of food and water in their homes and they are prepared for virtually any event. We could learn a lot from their example, because the world is getting meaner and you do not want to be caught up in the chaos of natural disaster, riots, and strife.

Be prepared, plan, and act - these words can help you make your way through this world of conflict today.

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