Threats, Politics, and Cryptocurrency-Mining - Infosecurity Europe 2018 Survey Results

July 17, 2018 | Kate Brew

Javvad Malik and the rest of the AlienVault team surveyed 928 participants at Infosecurity Europe 2018 on this topic. Read the full report from Javvad here!

Key Findings

  • Looking forward, cloud security threats are the most concerning external threat
  • Internally, phishing (55%) and ransomware (45%) lead the pack of worries for security departments
  • 92 percent would rather pay a subscription fee, allow ads, or leave a website altogether rather than allow a website to mine cryptocurrency
  • 56 percent believe cybersecurity has become a political pawn

The report has lots of graphs with detailed results. For example, amazing how awareness of cloud security threats has become so pronounced.

Kate Brew

About the Author: Kate Brew

Kate has over 15 years experience in product management and marketing, primarily in information security.

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