The three core strengths of USM Anywhere

June 21, 2022  |  Tony Simone

This blog was written by an independent guest blogger.

USM Anywhere is the ideal solution for small and mid-sized businesses that need multiple high-quality security tools in a single, unified package.

There’s no reason large, global enterprises should have a monopoly on top cybersecurity technology. Solutions like USM Anywhere give smaller organizations access to security tools that are both effective and affordable.

USM Anywhere offers a centralized solution for monitoring networks and devices for security threats. It secures devices operating on-premises, remotely, and in the cloud. By combining multiple security tools into a single, streamlined interface, USM Anywhere gives smaller organizations a competitive solution for obtaining best-in-class security outcomes.

Castra's extensive experience working with USM Anywhere has given us unique insight into the value it represents. There is a clear difference in security returns and outcomes between USM Anywhere users and those that put their faith in proprietary solutions developed by managed security service providers. This is especially true for organizations with less than 1000 employees, where management is under considerable pressure to justify security expenditures.

Three ways USM Anywhere outperforms

USM Anywhere furnishes organizations with essential security capabilities right out of the box. It is a full-featured security information and event management platform that enables analysts to discover assets, assess vulnerabilities, detect threats, and respond to security incidents. It features built-in and customizable compliance reporting capabilities, as well as behavioral monitoring capabilities.

These features, along with the platform’s uniquely integrated architecture, provide valuable benefits to security-conscious organizations:

1. Automated log management

USM Anywhere enables analysts to automate log collection and event data from data sources throughout the IT environment. With the right configuration, analysts can receive normalized logs enriched with appropriate data and retain them in a compliant storage solution.

This eliminates the need for costly and time-consuming manual log aggregation, significantly improving the productivity of every employee-hour spent on security tasks. Improved logging efficiency gives security teams more time to spend on strategic, high-value initiatives that generate significant returns.

2. Cloud platform API integration

USM Anywhere integrates with the most popular cloud and productivity platforms, including Office 365 and Amazon AWS.

With the Office 365 Management API, analysts can monitor user and administrator activities throughout the entire Microsoft environment. This makes it easy for analysts to detect anomalies like users logging in from unfamiliar territories, changing mailbox privileges, or sending sensitive data outside the organization.

The CloudWatch and CloudTrail APIs allow analysts to monitor AWS environments and review log activity within the cloud. Gain real-time visibility into asset creation, security group configurations, and S3 access control changes directly through an intuitive, unified SIEM interface.

3. Orchestrated response capabilities

Analysts need accurate, real-time data on suspicious activities so they can categorize attacks and orchestrate a coherent response. USM Anywhere gives analysts access to full details about attack methods, strategies, and response guidance.

AlienApps™ users can extend USM Anywhere capabilities to third-party security and management platforms, allowing analysts to initiate and orchestrate comprehensive event response from within the USM Anywhere user interface. This allows Castra analysts to automate the integration of Palo Alto Cortex XDR capabilities and Anomali Threat Intelligence data from directly within USM Anywhere.

Make Castra your USM Anywhere partner

Castra has been an AlienVault partner since 2013, successfully deploying the company’s security technologies thousands of times. Our remarkable customer renewal rate of almost 100% stands a testament to the effectiveness of our approach. Working with Castra gives you visibility and control over your security posture, while supporting it with qualified expertise on demand.

We have worked closely with AT&T’s USM Anywhere development team for years, providing critical feedback even before AlienVault was publicly released. Our security analysts have deep knowledge of this platform and can personalize its performance to meet your security objectives and compliance needs to the letter. Speak to a Castra expert about optimizing your SIEM deployment to find out more.

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