The Alien Eye in the Sky - Friday 26th August

August 26, 2016  |  Javvad Malik

A roundup of the week’s news, commentary, and observations.

Popular messaging app, WhatsApp to share data with Facebook. So much for the comfort that end-to-end encryption provides.

Story of a researcher who infected a scammer with Locky for messing with his mother. Hacking back is considered illegal in many jurisdictions, but we doubt the scammer will be pressing charges.

The U.S. to share supply chain threat intel with industry. This is the kind of initiative we hope to see more of from the Government. Better threat sharing will benefit everyone. They’re free to use OTX for it too.

Intelligent Cyber Defense using Threat Analysis

Can you explain encryption to me? Can you explain it to your boss?

Finally, we had a bit of fun at BsidesLV and Blackhat 2016 a few weeks ago and recorded a parody song on being an Infosec Star.

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