Should the US have Its Own GDPR and Other Questions Surveyed at RSA 2018

May 22, 2018  |  Kate Brew

Privacy has always had a degree of overlap with security, however, recent years has increased the dependency each has on the other. Be that with regards to protecting individual information, the use of social media, or the requirements to respond to breaches.

RSA 2018 gave us an excellent opportunity to gather the opinions of InfoSec professionals. We were able to get a sizable number (759) and cross-section of respondents. The whole report from Javvad Malik is available here.

Key Findings

  • 61% believe that GDPR will protect EU citizens and 69% believe that similar laws would protect US citizens. 75% support additional regulations on social media platforms.

  • While it was felt the Board of directors, CEO, and CISO carry almost equal responsibility, in the event of a breach, the CISO would most likely be held responsible.

  • 38% believe Mark Zuckerberg deserves to lose his job as CEO over the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

  • Only 24% of companies believe they can expertly detect and respond to all types of security issues and catch most early enough in the lifecycle to mitigate impact.

Read the whole report for more!

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