RSA Day 1: A New Hope

April 21, 2015  |  Javvad Malik

Captain's log. Stardate 0420.15. Aliens have landed at RSAC 2015. Booth 1807, in the South Hall.

Monday is typically the quiet day of RSA. The show floor only opens for a couple of hours and only a subset of the full might of 30,000+ visitors make it down. Still, it was a respectable showing of people visiting us enjoying a drink from our star bar or grabbing a pair of our infamous alien glasses.

Amidst the fun, we were excited to share our newest releases of USM 5.0, USM for AWS and OTX 2.0 beta which resulted in some great conversations around the capabilities and features, which is great for us. But it ties into the broader picture - that we're following up from a year that introduced vulnerabilities such as shellshock and heartbleed (complete with logos), whilst seeing huge breaches in the likes of Target, Home Depot and Sony.

In light of this, I can't help but paraphrase Yoda, "Blind we are, if existence of these threats we could not see.” Speaking to a a handful of visitors to our booth yesterday, it is clear that we have an abundance of extremely talented people working in our industry. The challenge is that most security departments are stretched to capacity and beyond, running around putting out fires. This is where we'd love to chat with you to hear what your challenges are and how we may be able to help - or at least offer you a green slushy, put a tentacle on your shoulder and share your pain.

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