RSA 2018 Recap and Launch of OTX Endpoint Security!

April 24, 2018  |  Kate Brew

RSA 2018 was the best RSA ever from an AlienVault perspective! It was a "giant leap" for sure.

The booth was Out of This World:

We had hundreds of folks pop by for a demo or theater presentation.

The Big News! OTX Endpoint Security™ Free Service!

The statistics on OTX participation are amazing - as of this writing 86018 participants, and 162K contibutions per day on average. The new free service, OTX Endpoint Security™ already has 443 downloads in less than a week of availability. 

Then there was a party jointly sponsored by AlienVault  where we gave out a lot of our famous lighted sunglasses :blush:

Oh and I got to catch up with Twitter buddies @uuallan @C_3PJoe @VinceintheBay @ChuckDBrooks and others!

The Security Bloggers Meetup

The big news was Javvad Malik winning the Most Entertaining Blog category with his personal blog.

I also got to catch up with many InfoSec luminaries. Here's my favorite pic with @RSnake, an injured-but-smiling @indi303 & @alexlevinson:

It was an exhausting but very fun week indeed!

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