New in Cybersecurity - Insights, threat trends, & RSA learnings

June 17, 2022  |  Kate Brew

AT&T Business’ most recently #BizTalks Twitter Chat—What’s New in Cybersecurity—Insights, Threat Trends, & RSA Learnings—explored many emerging concepts in the cybersecurity industry. [Optional sentence: Our very own Tawnya Lancaster, AT&T Cybersecurity’s threat intelligence and trends Research lead, did a takeover of the @ATTBusiness Twitter handle to provide her point of view.] Head to the @ATTBusiness Twitter page——to see the full chat and learn more.

It was an interesting conversation with diverse opinions. Here are some of the highlights.

Adversary tactics

The top question in terms of engagement was this one, and lots of interesting perspectives:

Edge computing was a hot question

Organized cybercrime is clearly top of mind as well

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