New AlienVault USM Anywhere™ Editions Expand Pricing and Deployment Flexibility for All

November 7, 2017  |  Danielle Russell

AlienVault was founded on the belief that every organization deserves a strong security posture, regardless of the size of their IT environment or the size of their IT security budget. We pioneered Unified Security Management® (USM) so that resource-limited IT security teams could meet their security and compliance goals without the cost and complexity of managing multiple point security solutions. And, earlier this year, we took unified security management to the cloud with the launch of AlienVault USM Anywhere, making it even easier, faster, and more affordable to achieve centralized threat detection, incident response, and compliance management across cloud and on-premises environments.

Today, we are taking further action to make security monitoring accessible for all with the launch of new editions-based pricing and deployment options for USM Anywhere. Our three new USM Anywhere Editions—Essentials, Standard, and Enterprise—expand the pricing and deployment flexibility for organizations of all sizes and budgets, from the SMB to the Enterprise.

Whether it’s a small business getting started with its security program, a mid-size organization with a mix of on-premises and public cloud infrastructure, a geographically distributed enterprise with multiple sites, or an MSSP monitoring multiple customers’ environments, any organization can choose the best deployment option to meet its security and compliance goals without the upfront investment and risk associated with traditional security solutions. And, as a subscription-based cloud service, USM Anywhere readily scales and adapts to continually meet IT and business needs as they evolve.

USM Anywhere Essentials Edition

AlienVault USM Anywhere Essentials Edition provides the essential security capabilities needed for effective threat detection and response. This option provides an affordable entry point for organizations with a limited budget or security resources to establish a security and compliance program quickly, easily, and affordably.

USM Anywhere Standard Edition

AlienVault USM Anywhere Standard Edition is ideal for IT security teams that are looking to gain operational efficiency and significantly reduce their time to response (TTR) through advanced security orchestration, automated incident response, and deep security analysis. This edition includes integrated ticketing and alerting with third-party tools like Jira, Service Now, and Slack, as well as advanced threat detection capabilities, including dark web monitoring.

USM Anywhere Enterprise Edition

AlienVault USM Anywhere Enterprise Edition is designed for organizations with large or heavily distributed IT environments. It includes all of the features of Essentials and Standard, plus higher capacity options for monthly data volumes and federation capabilities for centralized security monitoring across multiple sites and infrastructures.

Additionally, available for USM Anywhere Standard and Enterprise Editions, we’ve added 24 x 5 and 24 x 7 support, respectively, monthly technical success checks with a technical account manager, and much more.

To discover all of the features and deployment details of each USM Anywhere Edition, visit our pricing page here.

To learn more about AlienVault customer success, visit the AlienVault Mission Control.

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