Naming Security

July 7, 2016  |  Javvad Malik

How you refer to the security industry will vary depending on how long you’ve worked in the industry, the nature of the work, and personal preference.

We asked people at InfoSecurity Europe what their preferred term to describe security was – as you can see from the video, there was no agreed upon term.

Personally, when I have a practitioner hat on, I prefer the term information security. When talking about technologies it’s IT security, and when speaking to the media, I usually adopt cyber security.

I enjoy the term data security as much as I enjoy long conversations with the TSA.

Surely someone out there knows the answer to the question, so I did what anyone looking to seek answers does in this day and age and asked Google what each of the terms are.

naming security

naming security data security

naming security infosec

naming security cybersecurity

It so happens that cyber security is absolutely everyone’s responsibility, whereas IT security is the responsibility of everyone within the organization.

Apparently data security is important… to whom, one can only guess. Probably to people who like using the term data security.

Finally, it appears that information security is indeed information risk management. It must be a thing for consultants.

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