Introducing LevelBlue: Elevating Business Confidence By Simplifying Security

May 6, 2024  |  Bob McCullen

Today is a monumental day for the cybersecurity industry. Live from RSA Conference 2024, I’m excited to introduce LevelBlue – a joint venture with AT&T and WillJam Ventures, to form a new, standalone managed security services business. You can read more about the news here.

In 2022, I founded my private equity firm, WillJam Ventures, and since then, we’ve held an exceptional track record of investing in and operating world-class cybersecurity businesses. This latest investment in LevelBlue is no exception, serving as further testament to this commitment. We’re excited about the opportunity ahead for LevelBlue. Here’s why:

Its mission – to simplify security and make cyber resilience an attainable outcome – is critical to business success. As organizations continue innovating, technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud computing create a more dynamic, expanded threat landscape. With LevelBlue, organizations no longer need to sacrifice innovation with security – they achieve both, with confidence. With more than 1,300 employees focused on this mission, LevelBlue offers strategic security services including award-winning managed security services, experienced strategic consulting, threat intelligence and groundbreaking research – serving as a trusted advisor to businesses worldwide.

LevelBlue brings together some of the most talented, brightest minds in cybersecurity. Just like any journey, organizations should not embark on their cybersecurity journey alone. This is where LevelBlue comes in. Every member of our consulting team has an average of 15 years of experience in cybersecurity, holding the latest certifications and knowledge in working with organizations of various types and sizes. I’m also excited to be joined by Sundhar Annamalai, the president of LevelBlue, who has more than 20 years of experience in technology services and strategic execution to help take our company to new heights.

The company has a longstanding history of delivering forward-looking, vendor-neutral research. Trusted advisors keep their clients informed on the latest trends before they happen, and that is what LevelBlue is best at. With the LevelBlue threat intelligence platform, as well as the company’s industry-leading research reports (more to come on this blog), clients can stay one-step ahead of the latest cyber threats, while gaining valuable insights into how to properly allocate cybersecurity resources.

Cyber resiliency is not easily defined, nor is it easily attainable without the necessary support. LevelBlue’s strategic cybersecurity services will help solve this challenge during a time when it’s needed most. We have the right team, the right technology, and at the right moment in time – I’m thrilled for the journey ahead.

For those at RSA Conference, we invite you to come learn more about LevelBlue by visiting booth #6155 at Moscone North Expo. We look forward to introducing ourselves to you.

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