Introducing AT&T Managed Extended Detection and Response (XDR)

October 19, 2021  |  Lisa Ashjian

In today’s dynamic threat landscape, having different tools to meet unique security requirements helps keep data protected. However, businesses today have 10 to 50+ security tools and consequently spend too much time managing them instead of protecting against cybercrime. This security tool overload creates internal challenges and potentially distracts from the primary business mission.  

AT&T Managed XDR can help consolidate telemetry from across your attack surface and automate and orchestrate workflows and processes to speed up response and recovery. Additionally, you gain access to a managed security operations center (SOC), which helps alleviate the need to deploy, staff, or maintain your own security technology stack so your security team can focus on other important strategic tasks.

Designed to fit your current environment and grow with you

AT&T Managed XDR brings broad visibility into your environment through its ability to integrate across many security tools with AlienApps. These connections into your environment pull events and security intelligence into one centralized hub for further correlation and add context so you can respond to threats faster. With an extensive library of AlienApps, you won’t need to rip and replace your current infrastructure, and as you grow or change, AT&T can change with you.

Technology that finds more threats faster

AT&T Managed XDR leverages several key components coming together to strengthen threat detection and response capabilities. It starts with the world’s largest open threat intelligence community, AT&T Alien Labs Open Threat Exchange (OTX), feeding in data from around the globe. Additional machine learning and security analytics bring correlation and context  to the data to help identify threats faster and more accurately. However, the biggest technology leap comes from the AT&T Alien Labs researchers who, in combination with the OTX platform, can discover infrastructure and origin used by threat actors to host their operations and launch their ransomware and other sophisticated cyber-attacks. This innovative approach provides early-stage, more predictive identification of threats, which means higher-fidelity detection of evolving threats for AT&T Managed XDR customers.

All this highly correlated and contextualized data is automatically fed into our award-winning USM platform, along with AlienApp intelligence for data analysis across your attack surface. This allows for faster and more accurate detection of threats.

Automation and processes to return to a normal state faster

In the event that a threat is detected, or an attack occurs, the USM platform can automate and orchestrate rules and accelerate responses to attacks through the AT&T AlienApps integrations. AT&T Advanced AlienApps can provide workflows to coordinate response actions with the infrastructure and third-party applications to provide security orchestration.

AT&T also offers a unique integration with SentinelOne. SentinelOne consolidates multiple endpoint security solutions including next generation antivirus, endpoint protection, and endpoint detection and response into one agent on the endpoints. The Advanced AlienApp with SentinelOne allows you to terminate malicious processes, disconnect and quarantine infected devices, and even roll back events to keep endpoints in a constant clean state—all from a single pane of glass with the USM Anywhere platform.

Support that can evolve and grow with you

In the complex world of cybersecurity, managed services should not be overlooked. AT&T Managed XDR leverages world-class managed services that further complement our technology to help you detect and respond to threats faster.

As one of the world’s top MSSPs, AT&T Cybersecurity employs highly experienced and industry-certified individuals to deliver high-touch service that includes platform onboarding, initial policy tuning, and training. AT&T works with you to build, and continuously update, a custom incident response plan (IRP) that serves as the blueprint for how to respond to an incident.

Further, the AT&T Security Operations Center analysts bring decades of managed security expertise to help protect your business. This team monitors and disrupts advanced threats around the clock. They also provide ongoing fine-tuning to the unique needs of your environment. These highly trained individuals can be leveraged to augment your existing security staff or to offload the worry of threat detection and response.


AT&T Managed XDR brings together our strongest resources to help you improve your time to detect, respond to, and recover from threats. Leverage our advanced security analytics, leading endpoint security, deep integrations with industry-leading vendors, and world class 24x7 managed services to drive efficiencies in your security operations and help you find and quickly act on true threats to your business.

To learn more, visit us on our webpage: AT&T Managed XDR | Managed Extended Detection & Response | Managed Detection & Response (MDR) Now with XDR (att.com)

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