Eye In The Sky: 6th January 2017

January 6, 2017  |  Javvad Malik

Welcome to the new year, a year where new possibilities exist. A time when gym memberships soar higher than eagles dare.

But the ‘cyber’ world doesn’t recognise dates or aspirations, which is why we also keep our keen eyes on the happenings.

Being the return from the holiday season, we’ve collated some of the most interesting stories from the last few weeks as they’ve trickled through.

Holly Graceful has shared several pen testing cheat sheets. Indispensable resources for the discerning penetration tester.

How do security professionals study threat actors and why do we do it? An insightful piece as always by Lesley Carhart.

Stop, collaborate and listen about data protection. Rowenna Fielding weighs in on the information commissioner’s office taking action against two leading UK charities.

We got 1.6 million students’ Google search histories! OK, it’s a somewhat clickbait title, but it has some good points. Related to this is a post from 2006 where AOL provided ‘anonymised’ users search history.

Not a blog post, but there was a great exchange on Twitter between journalist Tom Fox-Brewster and Alex Muffett around debugging which came about as a result of Tom’s commentary on Evernote’s new privacy policy.

It’s worth reading through the thread of which I captured most in a twitter moment.

How Argentina’s political crisis gave rise to hacker culture.

Wifi-Dumper, an open source tool to dump the wifi profiles and cleartext passwords of the connected access points on the Windows machine.

How to setup a Raspberry Pi 2 model b for wlan sniffing.

Hope you have a great year ahead of you! See you next week, where we hope to resume our scheduled program.

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