Enterprise-Grade Mobility takes another step forward with new mobile security offers

March 18, 2021  |  Lisa Ashjian

Companies and organizations of all sizes need mobile technology built for the rigors of business—it’s a must for businesses seeking to stay competitive. Enterprise-grade mobility offers additional business options, features, and services, helping companies perform functions beyond just enabling employees to work remotely. The right mobility solutions can significantly help increase productivity, reduce inefficiencies, improve Quality of Service (QoS), and manage compliance requirements— while enabling the same security protections on mobile devices as organization’s have on laptops and desktops to help protect critical business information.

With today’s highly sophisticated attacks, traditional security elements designed to protect the network infrastructure are not enough to fully protect this critical business information on mobile endpoints. AT&T understands the unique needs of mobile devices to both operate at their highest performance and be properly secured from these emerging threats. Because of this, AT&T is taking another step forward to provide our business customers with Enterprise-Grade mobile security, designed for businesses of any size.

AT&T wants to make mobile security an easy choice

Now, customers with AT&T Business Mobile Select - Pooled plans can add Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security (MES) Comprehensive for a greatly reduced price per device license per month! Businesses no longer need to make the choice between great security and great savings. This Lookout MES Comprehensive plan provides customers with industry leading mobile security at a deeply discounted price. Additionally, AT&T is bringing the Lookout MES Threats offer to customers at a price that helps make mobile security an easy decision for businesses. Both offers include Lookout’s installation and 24X7 support so customers can get up and running with ease. To learn more about these new offers, visit us at https://cybersecurity.att.com/products/lookout.  

Enterprise-Grade mobile security

Truly, businesses of all sizes need to understand the importance of mobile security and how to best protect their mobile devices. And, in the ever-evolving threat landscape, businesses should not rely solely on the end-user to self-remediate threats. Rather, implement solutions that can enforce automated remediation through integration with a Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution or Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) tool while also providing real-time alerts to the end user who can immediately take action.

Furthermore, mobile security should also provide the ability to create custom policies and integrate into the business’s wholistic ecosystem.  With AT&T, customers can get the right mobility solutions and mobile security solutions for their business.

Reach out to us today to learn more about how AT&T can help with both your Enterprise-Grade mobility and Enterprise-Grade security solutions.  

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