Best Cloud Tech Jokes and Memes

October 17, 2018  |  Kate Brew

We ran a contest in Spiceworks recently, asking folks for their best cloud tech jokes. Here are some of the funniest ones:

what are clouds made of? Mostly Amazon, Google or Microsoft

Dad what are clouds made of? Linux servers, mostly.

tech cloud jokes

Not worried about cloud security - data so disorganized they'd never be able to find anything

Cloud computing? Computers can fly now?

I'm not thinking anything. That's my private cloud.

Earth was once populated by humans, but they all moved to the cloud

What do you want to be when you grow up ? Data storage.

Cloudless day pic. Migration to the cloud has been delayed.

thunder and lightning is google and microsoft arguing in the clouds

and the cloud goes wild (lightening storm)

Azure - like a cloudless sky

slingshot - you're pretty new to cloud storage, aren't you?

Those SpiceHeads sure have great senses of humor, of a highly techie variety!

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