AT&T Cybersecurity’s Partner Program and SentinelOne enter managed XDR market with robust alliance

June 6, 2022  |  Michael Vaughn

The partnership between these two market-leading vendors enables MSSPs around the world to fast-track cutting-edge MXDR services.

AT&T, the leader in network and managed security services, and SentinelOne, the leader in next generation, autonomous endpoint protection, today announced a strategic alliance to help prevent cybercrime. The partnership focuses on providing managed security service providers (MSSPs) around the world with a clear path to providing top-tier managed extended detection and response (MXDR) capabilities for customers.

“Managed XDR is a lot different than the conventional detection and response systems in the sense that it enables members of our partner program to build solutions on the platforms their customers already use in order to make the best out of their investments,” says Rakesh Shah, Vice President of Product at AT&T Cybersecurity. “The new alliance combines AT&T USM Anywhere network threat detection capabilities with SentinelOne endpoint protection. Together, these two security platforms provide industry-leading network and endpoint threat detection and response solutions that will enable MSSPs to be successful at providing their end customers with world-class security.”

“AT&T and SentinelOne help MSSPs enter the era of XDR, protecting more surfaces at speeds and scales previously not possible with humans alone. SentinelOne’s autonomous technology coupled with AT&T’s integrated network technologies and services enables MSSPs to reduce risk and boost protection for their customers,” says Mike Petronaci, VP Product at SentinelOne.

The alliance streamlines XDR attainment for partner program members that provide manage security services for a range of organizations. An ideal customer for this MXDR solution would be an MSSP managing small-to-midsized enterprises. Those enterprises may be interested in outsourcing managed cybersecurity services because they do not have the in-house resources to deliver the security results they need. Larger enterprises that do not want to outsource their security completely but are looking for some help could also use this MXDR solution managed by one of our partners.

The tight integration this alliance brings provides MSSP partners with ready access to the award-winning USM Anywhere and SentinelOne platforms. In addition, for MSSPs that acquire SentinelOne endpoint protection through the partner program, AT&T will manage hundreds of additional indicators of compromise through a unique integration within USM Anywhere that streams uniquely tailored security telemetry from the SentinelOne Deep Visibility platform.

SentinelOne partnership

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