AT&T Cybersecurity earns four Cybersecurity Excellence Awards

March 30, 2022  |  Jill Sanders

Will Eborall, Asst VP, AT&T Cybersecurity and Edge Solutions Product Management, co-authored this blog.

The AT&T Cybersecurity team’s unwavering focus on managing risk while maximizing customer experience earns high marks from security experts and customers alike. The team garnered some well-earned official recognition of the quality of flexible services they run with the announcement that AT&T won the highest distinction Gold Award in four different service categories of the 2022 Cybersecurity Excellence Awards.

The highly competitive Cybersecurity Excellence Awards is an annual competition run by Cybersecurity Insiders that honors individuals and companies that demonstrate excellence, innovation, and leadership in information security. AT&T Cybersecurity was recognized as the top solution in the following categories:

  • Managed Security Services
  • Managed Detection and Response (MDR)
  • Endpoint Detection and Response
  • Secure Access Service Edge (SASE)

With over 900 entries across the range of Cybersecurity Excellence Awards categories, the competition award selection consisted of a two-part process. Finalists for each category were selected from the broader pool of nominations based on popular votes and comments received from the cybersecurity community, as well as the strength of the written nomination. Once finalists were winnowed down, Cybersecurity Insider’s award judges took a closer look at the finalist nominations’ demonstrated explanations and examples of the leadership, excellence and results in cybersecurity afforded by the service to determine winners.

Judges awarded each of the following four services the highest Gold Award for some of the reasons described below:

AT&T Managed Security Services picked up a gold award for Managed Security Services. Some of the considerations looked at by the judges included:

  • As one of the largest MSSPs in the world, AT&T Cybersecurity fosters strong relationships with leading security technology providers while incubating emerging innovators to provide best-in-class services 
  • AT&T Managed Security Services delivers services through eight global SOCs
  • AT&T Cybersecurity delivers accountability with thorough communication and comprehensive reporting to clients along with coordinated responses with defined service level agreements on change requests.
  • During the pandemic, AT&T Cybersecurity has helped customers persevere through the various disruptions caused by COVID-19 with its managed security services.
  • AT&T Cybersecurity supported customers of its AT&T DDoS Defense service as well as non-subscribing customers with emergency mitigation services.

AT&T Managed Threat Detection and Response won a gold award for Managed Detection and Response (MDR). The judges picked this service based on factors that included:

  • AT&T Managed Threat Detection and Response combines technology, intelligence, and 24x7 expertise in a service that can be deployed faster and has a starting price that’s less than the cost to hire a single security analyst.
  • AT&T’s MDR service is priced by the total number of events that are analyzed, so customers don’t have to worry about limitations by assets, environments, or number of employees in their organization.
  • AT&T Managed Threat Detection and Response is delivered through a unified platform that offers threat intelligence updates from AT&T Alient Labs, native cloud monitoring capabilities for IaaS and SaaS environments, service transparency into SOC operations, and built-in orchestration and automation through a single pane of glass.
  • NHS Management, a leader in providing consulting and administrative services to individual healthcare facilities and companies gained visibility into emerging threats it didn’t have before through AT&T’s MDR service.

AT&T Managed Endpoint Security earned a gold award for Endpoint Detection and Response. The following were a few of the points that swayed judges in this category:

  • AT&T Managed Endpoint Security offers users top tier security features the include tamper protection and patented AI algorithms that live on devices, automatic mapping and tracking of all endpoint activity, and IoT discovery and control.
  • The service offers platform integrations with AT&T Alien Labs Threat Intelligence and AT&T Alien Labs Open Threat Exchange (OTX) for better context about the endpoint threat environment
  • Through the AT&T Managed Endpoint Security alliance with SentinelOne, customers receive 24x7 threat monitoring and management by AT&T Security Operations Center (SOC) analysts for greater network visibility and faster endpoint threat detection.
  • AT&T Managed Endpoint Security provides comprehensive endpoint protection against ransomware and other cyberattacks through a unique rollback to safe state feature while also detecting highly advanced threats within an enterprise network or cloud environment.

AT&T SASE won a gold award for Secure Access Service Edge. The judges considered a number of factors, including:

  • AT&T was the first provider to offer a global managed SASE solution at scale, and most recently, AT&T expanded its SASE portfolio to include a new offering, AT&T SASE with Cisco.
  • With AT&T SASE’s combined networking and security technology and service expertise, the solutions offer a future-ready, unified solution through a single provider.
  • With AT&T SASE, businesses can control access for any device, connecting from any network. This enables the dynamic needs of today’s distributed workforce to deliver security-driven networking at every edge.

Winning even one cybersecurity solution award is a great distinction, but when a company is able to deliver four different award-winning offerings, we believe that’s a testament to its ability to put together an expert team that listens to the needs of its customers. AT&T Cybersecurity is proud of its results in the Cybersecurity Excellence Awards, as everyone here believes that they stand as a testament to the networking and security expertise that our customers have come to count on.  Our crack team of security analysts is constantly researching the threat environment to continually defend customer environments. To learn more about some of the trends in the past year that they’ve helped organizations contend with, check out the 2022 AT&T Cybersecurity Insights Report.

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