AT&T Cybersecurity announces enhanced, simplified MSSP Partner Program

August 9, 2021  |  Jordan Redd

At AT&T Cybersecurity, we believe in the exceptional expertise of our managed security service provider (MSSP) partners. That’s why we are delighted to announce the launch of our new, simplified MSSP Partner Program that will help enhance your business.

Our aim is to enable our MSSP partners to successfully monetize security capabilities and achieve exceptional growth and profits by delivering superior, next-generation managed security services to customers.

Our MSSP Partner Program first launched in 2014 and has allowed hundreds of MSSPs and MSPs worldwide to build successful security offerings powered by our Unified Security Management (USM) solutions. Of course, our best-of-breed USM solutions provide more than a one-size-fits-all approach to security. We also help our MSSP partners to build a strong business while improving their customers’ overall security posture and satisfaction.

Over the years, we have collected a lot of valuable feedback from our MSSP partners that has helped us to enhance our program. Today, our program provides many benefits, including:

  • Clear and consistent pricing with our competitive price books and flat renewals:

All businesses need security wherever they are, whether they are small or large. To help you compete effectively, our partners can sell the complete USM SKU set, and we will provide price books for all currencies that are valid for the length of your contract. We also want to make it easy for you to keep your customers and maintain consistent margins, so we offer flat renewals. Pricing will not increase at the time of renewal for existing customers, and if the contract price has gone down, the partner will be given the lower price.

  • Gaining a trusted partner:

As part of our partner program, you get 24/7 support from AT&T Cybersecurity, as well as a resource center fully equipped with informative sales collateral and creative co-marketing content to help you generate more demand and leads. We often have marketing funds available for programs to help drive further sales and awareness, with a goal of generating new deal registrations, and more SOC customers for our MSSPs.

  • Accelerated opportunities for profit and growth:

Each partner has a dedicated channel account manager and access to marketing and technical resources to help drive sales. Because each partner has their own unique services, we enable you to define your own outcomes and margins and offer the services that work best for your company. We also offer sales enablement to help your sales organization to understand the platform and how to demo it to your customers.

  • Growing your business with industry-leading solutions:

The cybersecurity landscape is a challenging space, and its constant evolution makes it difficult to keep up with the latest techniques and threats. To stay ahead of the curve, we continue making improvements to our award-winning USM solutions, helping to enable the best possible security outcomes for your customers. USM Anywhere also receives the latest threat intelligence automatically from the AT&T Alien Labs research team, allowing businesses to stay ahead of emerging and evolving threats, without having to conduct their own security research.

Ultimately, we all have the same goal: to protect businesses from cyber criminals. The AT&T Cybersecurity MSSP Partner Program is tailor-made to enable MSSPs to easily build a successful business based on our award-winning solutions. And we’re here to support you, every step of the way.

For more information on becoming a partner, check out our website or reach out to with any additional questions.

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