AT&T announces creation of standalone managed Cybersecurity services business

November 17, 2023  |  Sundhar Annamalai

On November 17, 2023 AT&T announced the creation of a new managed security services business backed by WillJam Ventures. Press release here.

Businesses of all types and sizes want to, and need to focus on innovation, growth, and transformation strategies. Meanwhile, the complexity of managing the evolving cybersecurity landscape continues to expand. Adversaries are determined, well-funded, and on a mission to disrupt businesses of all types and sizes.

As this complexity continues to mount, the task of operating internal security operations centers (SOCs) often becomes difficult for a business to manage. Organizations face staffing shortages, professional burnout, rising costs, and struggle to keep ahead of the unrelenting cyber risks.

To help tame complexity, many organizations are engaging with managed security services. This is exactly the venture’s mission – to help simplify security. It will help manage the risk while our clients reap the rewards.

This new venture will help our clients:

  • Secure their business intelligence through experienced advisors.
  • Predict their security investments by driving efficiency into security operations.
  • Mitigate risk and focus on innovation as an experienced and vigilant managed security services provider.

Both AT&T and WillJam Ventures are committed to investing in excellence and serving your security needs as our valued clients. I look forward to sharing more information about these exciting changes in the coming months.

Sundhar Annamalai, President AT&T Cybersecurity

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