Alien Eye In The Sky - December 2, 2016

December 2, 2016  |  Javvad Malik

True to form, cyber security continues its domination of technology and mainstream news. Ransomware continues to strike, using different techniques such as Locky’s recent spread through social media, or attacking targets like the San Francisco Municipal Transport Agency.

Password reuse attacks continue to grow. From Deliveroo’s attack a couple of weeks ago, to the UK’s National Lottery this week.

It’s another crazy week - with many “Shatners” thrown in for good measure.

In This Weeks Video

Locky spreads through social media

San Francisco Municipal Transport agency gets hit by ransomware

National Lottery accounts breached

Other interesting stories

PhishLulz is a Ruby toolset aimed at automating Phishing activities:

Syscall Auditing at Scale

Security operations centre (SOC) buyers guide

InPage zero-day exploit used to attack financial institutions in Asia

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Brief lessons on handling huge traffic spikes

WiFi Frequency hacker

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