Alien Eye in the Sky 18th November 2016

November 17, 2016  |  Javvad Malik

It's been a busy week indeed! Between the repercussions of the Tesco bank hacking, to AdultFriendFinder's apparent lack of a care about InfoSec, to the IP Bill, it's been somewhat dizzying. Here's the summary video, accompanying Shatners! and a suggested reading list.

In This Week's Video

Tesco bank hacked

AdultFriendFinder hacked

Facebook buying stolen passwords

IP Bill set to become law

Other interesting stories

Cyber Security Challenge UK crowns youngest ever champion

GCHQ wants internet providers to rewrite systems to block hackers

Researchers' Belkin home automation hacks show IoT risks

UK halts Facebook's WhatsApp data dip

Data cleanliness and patch verification

A Cybercrime report template

Smart light bulb worm hops from lamp to lamp

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