October 30, 2019 | Karoline Gore

Physical threats to Cybersecurity that you must address

Photo by Nahel Abdul Hadi on Unsplash Over 90% of data breach is attributed to human error costing a company anywhere from $1.25 million to $8.19 million. Tackling cybersecurity does not only entail non-physical risks, but also includes an assessment of physical threats such as human, internal, and external hazards. Only then can an appropriate and effective security …

October 29, 2019 | Bob Covello

Was the largest breach in history a misconfiguration problem?

Earlier this week, I heard a fascinating interview with the former Chief Information Officer of Equifax, Graeme Payne.  If you are unfamiliar with Graeme, he was the scapegoat for the Equifax breach; described in Congressional testimony as “the human error” that caused the breach.  Graeme, however, is a true gentleman who is very gracious about his…

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October 28, 2019 | Kyle Chrzanowski

Lessons learned conducting an information security risk assessment 

In an age where businesses are relying more than ever on the rapid advancements in technology to drive innovation, strategy, growth and competitive advantage, it is clear the prevalence of technology is not slowing down. But the increase in new devices and systems that utilize connectivity, as well as the transition to the network of devices and systems that were…

October 23, 2019 | Carisa Brockman

Data Governance….at the heart of security, privacy, and risk

Security, privacy, and risk does not have to be scary… but with GDPR, CCPA, and organizations moving to a risk-based approach to security rather than focusing on only compliance, it has become a daunting challenge.  What is typically at the heart of organizations?  Data and information.  The common denominator that makes security, privacy and risk more…

October 21, 2019 | Kim Crawley

Reviewing best practices for IT asset management in the cloud

It used to be that businesses needing their own large computer networks had to do everything themselves. They had to buy all of their servers, all of their networking appliances. They needed the physical space on premises for all of their datacenters, the HVAC people to keep everything cool, and the massive electricity bills to keep all of that going. …

October 17, 2019 | Mjellma Gonzalez

The risks of public Wi-Fi and how to stay safe

Photo by laura kelly on Unsplash In a bid to entertain their customers, airports, coffee shops, shopping malls - and literally all public places- provide free Wi-Fi. And because the traffic in and around these places is exceedingly high, their Wi-Fi networks aren’t as secure as you’d imagine. For what it is worth,…

October 16, 2019 | Devin Morrissey

Are smart homes really safe from hackers?

Image Source: Pexels There are a number of smart devices becoming commonplace in homes around the world, leading us closer and closer to the reality of smart homes, or houses that depend primarily on interconnected smart tech. Heating, lighting, and common appliances like doorbells, alarms, and entertainment devices are now increasingly being designed to operate on the internet of things …

October 10, 2019 | Allie Mellen

Love your enemies before you destroy them

Photo by Volkan Olmez on Unsplash “In the moment when I truly understand my enemy, understand him well enough to defeat him, then in that very moment I also love him. I think it’s impossible to really understand somebody, what they want, what they believe, and not love them the way they love themselves.…

October 8, 2019 | Karoline Gore

Workplace design tips to help deter hackers

Photo by ROOM on Unsplash 31 percent of companies in the USA have been subjected to cyber attacks and 43 percent of those attacks were aimed at small businesses. When workplaces are designed with cybersecurity in mind, the odds of breaches will decrease. This is good news, because some breaches have the capacity to put companies out of…

October 2, 2019 | Kim Crawley

Explain How VPN Works

The recently discovered KRACK vulnerabilities affecting WPA2 have encouraged people to talk about the benefits of Virtual Private Networks. I think that's great! Ideally, we should all be using VPNs at home, in the office, during your commute, over Wi-Fi, and over Ethernet. But in order to use VPNs, it helps to understand how they work and how they…

October 2, 2019 | Jake Lester

How to avoid becoming a victim of cybercrime: 5 tips

Description: Do you want to avoid cybercrime? Online identity theft and fraud, webcam hackers, ransomware cyber-attacks, phishing, and other scams are a threat to all of us. Keep reading to protect your data and privacy and save your files and finances from fraudsters. How to avoid cybercrime   The cyber definition relates to the field of digital technology, and today…

October 1, 2019 | Bindu Sundaresan

What  you need to know about PII security in 2019

As a society we have always relied on personal identifiers, commonly known as personally identifiable information (PII). Defining and protecting PII has recently become much more important as a component of personal privacy now that advances in computing and communications technology, including the internet, have made it easier to collect and process vast amounts of information. The protection of…

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