6 Animals Associated with Red Team

November 28, 2017  |  Kate Brew

Sure, we've had some interesting, educational and factual blogs about Red Teaming in the past, such as:

Red teamers are a proud lot. They particularly pride themselves on being able to "get into" any objective, be it a building or a confidential file.

Penetration Testing is a key tool for most Red Teamers in InfoSec. Pen Testing involves using various tools and methods to show a company how a bad guy would access their information. Here are some educational blogs on Pen Testing:

But I decided to have a bit of fun with it too. I ran a Twitter poll and came up with this infographic based on my findings from the poll:

animals representative of red team

I'd like to do a similar poll and infographic for Blue Team, but the only animal I can think to propose in a poll is the faithful, beloved dog. They are protective, loyal and love their humans.

dog and boy

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