5 Key Questions on Threat Detection Answered by Roger Thornton, AlienVault CTO

September 7, 2016  |  Kate Brew

What Makes AlienVault Different?

Roger Thornton talks about AlienVault's roots in the SOC and how the unified product and threat intelligence evolved.

Detection vs. Prevention: What is the Defender's Dilemma?

Roger describes the InfoSec landscape - where Bad Guys get to decide where, when and how they attack, leaving the defenders with difficult jobs. You need both prevention and detection in this landscape.

What is Collaborative Defense with AlienVault Open Threat Exchange (OTX)?

Roger gives background on OTX and how it works for information sharing. He describes the Pulses within OTX and how they work for the community, as well as the new Private Group feature in the latest version of OTX.

How Do You Make Threat Intelligence Available to Organizations of All Sizes?

Roger talks about how AlienVault makes handling threat intelligence doable with the unified security product (USM) married with OTX threat information and AlienVault Labs security research.

What are the Challenges of Threat Detection Today?

Roger talks about how Bad Guys are morphing to defy detection techniques and what to do about it.

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