10 Reasons why businesses need mobile device management (MDM)

April 3, 2023  |  Anas Baig

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Mobile device management (MDM) refers to a type of software that allows businesses to manage, configure and secure mobile devices used by their employees. Companies use MDM solutions to maintain a secure environment across all the mobile devices they own or have access to, as well as provide features such as remote wipe, password policies, application management and data protection. This helps them ensure security while providing their employees with access to the applications and data they need.

An increasing number of businesses are either accepting that they need MDM or realising that what they have in place is not sufficient. With that in mind, below are ten reasons why MDM is an integral part of doing business in the 21st century.

1. Enhanced security

MDM technology provides an extra layer of security for businesses, protecting them from breaches and data loss. MDM solutions enable secure authentication, access control and encryption for devices, applications and data, which in turn helps to keep sensitive corporate information safe. ESIMs, or embedded SIM cards can enhance the security of mobile devices even further by allowing businesses to remotely manage and secure their devices.

Improved security is one of the most important reasons why businesses need MDM solutions. With an ever-increasing number of cyber threats, it is essential for companies to take steps to keep their data and systems secure. MDM can help with this.

2. Increased productivity

MDM makes it easier for employees to access the applications and data they need, increasing their productivity and efficiency. By providing them with secure access to the resources they need, MDM solutions help remove the frustration of not being able to do their job due to technical issues or security policies.

The ability to securely access corporate resources from anywhere, at any time, helps boost employee productivity and gives them the freedom they need to work more flexibly.

3. Reduced costs

MDM solutions can help reduce costs in several ways. They enable companies to better manage their mobile devices and applications, which ensures that they are up-to-date with the latest security patches and features. This helps reduce maintenance costs associated with managing outdated equipment.

MDM solutions also make it easier for businesses to deploy new applications, as they don’t have to worry about manually configuring each device. This reduces expensive install times and makes it easier for employees to get started quickly.

4. Improved compliance

MDM solutions help businesses comply with industry standards and regulations. They enable companies to configure devices to meet specific security requirements, as well as monitor and manage mobile devices so that they adhere to corporate policies.

By ensuring that all company devices are configured securely, MDM solutions reduce the risk of data breaches and fines associated with non-compliance. What's more, they can help identify areas where businesses need to improve their compliance processes.

5. Easier troubleshooting

MDM solutions can make it easier for IT administrators to troubleshoot issues on mobile devices. As they give IT teams a centralized view of all connected devices, it’s simple for them to identify any problems quickly and take appropriate action.

This ability to easily monitor employee mobile devices also makes it easier for IT teams to provide support and help employees get back to work faster. Not only does this help reduce the time IT teams need to spend troubleshooting, but it also improves employee satisfaction.

6. Improved user experience

MDM solutions can improve the user experience by providing users with fast, secure access to the applications and data they need. This helps reduce frustration and makes it easier for employees to do their job, which in turn boosts productivity.

MDM solutions also make it easy for companies to deploy new apps and updates remotely, meaning that users always have access to the latest software versions. This ensures that all mobile devices are running optimally and delivers a better overall user experience.

7. Device optimization

MDM solutions enable businesses to optimize individual mobile devices for specific tasks. For example, corporate-owned devices can be configured with the exact set of features needed for each employee’s role, improving their efficiency and reducing costs associated with managing unnecessary features.

Furthermore, MDM solutions can also be used to remotely configure devices for different network settings or regions. This allows businesses to easily manage a fleet of mobile devices in different locations, ensuring that each device is optimized for its specific use case.

8. Improved customer service

MDM solutions can help improve customer service by providing employees with secure access to the applications and data they need when interacting with customers. This helps ensure that customer queries are dealt with promptly and accurately, improving overall customer satisfaction.

The ability to remotely monitor mobile devices also makes it easier for IT teams to proactively identify any issues before they become major problems, further enhancing customer service.

9. Increased visibility and control

MDM solutions enable businesses to gain greater visibility over their mobile devices, allowing them to quickly identify which devices are connected, what applications they’re running, and how they’re being used.

This, in turn, gives IT teams greater control over their deployments, ensuring that all company-owned devices are used for appropriate purposes and helping to reduce the risk of data breaches.

10. Reduced costs associated with lost or stolen devices

By using MDM solutions, businesses can remotely lock down or wipe any device that is lost or stolen. This prevents unauthorized access to sensitive business data, reducing the cost of potential data breaches or fines associated with non-compliance.

What's more, MDM solutions can also help businesses save money by allowing them to manage and monitor their mobile devices remotely, reducing the need for costly onsite visits. This helps make sure that all devices are kept up-to-date with the latest software versions, helping to reduce repair costs in the long run.


In summary, MDM solutions provide a range of benefits to businesses. From improved compliance and customer service to increased visibility and reduced costs associated with lost or stolen devices, they are an invaluable tool for any business looking to improve its MDM strategies.

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