Request for case-studies, testimonials, comments and feedback

May 5, 2009  |  Dominique Karg

A friend of mine is preparing a speech at a security conference this summer around OSSIM. He asked if I could get some feedback, case-studies or anything that could backup and enrichen his speech, this is what this post is for :blush:.

So please, should you have anything (wether it’s good or bad, happy or sad) to say around OSSIM (or should you know about anybody how does)  which you would like to share write to feedback@ (created the alias so I wouldn’t miss anything, feedback is very important to us).

Anything from “I use OSSIM” to complete papers is welcome, tho in order to avoid confusions I’d please ask to include these couple of lines at the beginning of the mail:

Name (leave empty for anonymous):

Company (leave empty for anonymous or substitute for "english university" or "canadian oil platform" or similar):

Is it ok to tell/foward this?: yes/no (if the answer is 'no' then no one but me will know about this :stuck_out_tongue:)

Is it ok to publish this on yes/no

Here again for copy & paste:



Ok to tell/forward?:

Ok to publish on

Last but not least, this is no commercial action, you won’t be contacted by anybody nor will you be included in any spam database; I’m just curious and want to help a friend out :blush:

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