Installer updates.

November 24, 2007  |  Dominique Karg

Let’s get a first meaningful update running too.

We have been working hard these last weeks to get the installer out and polish some outstanding issues. After the initial releases, our priorities are now focused on:

  • Get an updater done (will be included with 1.0.4)
  • Fix some remaining issues (two persons have reported hangs at specific OS installation stages)
  • Allow for easy installation of specific graph plugins depending on scenario (ISO, Inventory, Nessus, etc…)

This last point has been evolving a lot and adding new custom graphs to the panel is as easy as ever. Check the screens below (once I’ve got them uploaded :blush: ).


(image removed, broken link, I’m very sorry. DK.)


In the meantime, we preinstalled OSSEC (thanks Daniel for your help), fixed the Nagios plugin, fixed rrd_plugin which was missing a config line and added Munin to the sensor pages for performance monitorization.

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