Installer 1.2 beta2 available

March 7, 2009  |  Dominique Karg

Just a quick notice about beta2 being out. Tons of bugs have been this weeks, cheers to everybody helping. Updates for the upcoming week should apply to both but will be focused on beta2 " [No longer available].

Among the fixes, there are:

  • Forensics panel visual and functionality fixes.
  • New auto-update notification. When enabled the system checks for rule/directive/plugin or code updates once a day, presenting a visual notification to the user about the update and it’s contents.
  • Snort should work fine now. Included some custom AlienVault rules for directives.
  • About 20 new high-quality correlation directives detecting real world threats.
  • Plugin .cfg and .sql fixes.
  • OSSIM configuration menu fixes (issue ossim-setup from commandline in order to check it out).
  • Many bugfixes.

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Tags: ossim, installer

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