Here comes another beta, beta #5

April 3, 2009  |  Dominique Karg

Just uploaded a new AlienVault OSSIM installer beta, Beta 5 http://data.alienvault.com/ossim-installer_1.2.beta5.iso [No longer available]. As always, thanks a ton to everybody helping out on testing. Besides Anton, Greg, Kristian and Stephan there are many others helping, both on forums or anonymously (found some old friend’s domain names in the apache log for update checks, greets to Turkiye and France :wink:)

As to the actual release:
Jasperserver got updated to 3.5 (Gannt charts, finally), many bugs have been fixed, some new directives, new snort packages, new misc tools and many more. Sensor and server profiles have been updated too, as well as monit scripts and database.

I expect three more betas, which would mean around three more testing weeks. There are some key features that still need some throughout testing:

- Distributed deployment.
- Jasper tuning and sample reports.
- New policy interface (beta6).

There are two factors which we can’t control but which would make this release perfect:

- Lenny OpenVAS packages.
- MySQL 5.1 making it into lenny stable.

I’ve already done some testing with partitions in the new mysql and the results are astonishing. Arcsight here we come :stuck_out_tongue:

If you want bug Norbert Tretkowski https://tretkowski.de/blog.html and the guys at OpenVAS to hurry up. (Just kidding, they’re all doing a great job :blush:)

Just a last notice: next week there will be a slowdown on updates/fixes, it’s holidays around here and I’m taking a couple of days off with my lovely girlfriend. We’ll be heading to the beach so while she enjoys the sun I’ll be able to code towards this next relelase :D.

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