Greetings from Istanbul

January 1, 2008  |  Dominique Karg

After having spent five days in this nice city I wanted to say goodbye through a post. It’s the second time I went here (sadly both times I had to work but I’ll come back for fun someday, that for sure) and I really enjoyed the stay.

This time I had a nicer Hotel than last time, right in the city center. Although I didn’t enjoy the breakfast at the hotel a single day (I’d rather sleep 15 mins longer) I’ll remember these days again for the food: unending mountains of food at all hours.
Last night we went to the Garibaldi which was a delicious goodbye dinner with live music. Besides that not much more to tell, intense but fun work, some WoW, some traffic jams,  missing my girlfriend a real lot and kebaps, kebaps, kebaps…

A hearty greeting to my friends in Istanbul. You’ve tried to make me explode with food but again you didn’t succeeed.
Which reminds me, this time I’ve learned the trick. It’s considered bad manner to refuse a dish when getting it offered, and you get it continously. But if you offer back insistently then they’ll think about it twice when feeding you up.

While I write these lines the Muezzin are calling to prayer. It’s an interesting sound and reminds me that although very similar to our city, it’s still quite a different culture. (I’m pretty sure I’ve heard that article ending before, inside a “Lonely planet” issue or something like that :stuck_out_tongue:)

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