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December 27, 2010  |  Dominique Karg

2010 has been an incredibly exciting year for Alienvault. The goals were set high and a lot of new stuff was supposed to happen, looking back at it now I first realize what we have achieved and how much work we’ve put into it.

On October 2009 both the Alienvault CEO and CTO joined a trip to Silicon Valley promoted by the “Comunidad de Madrid”, where we visited some company incubators, Google offices and did some other stuff. But that trip was our eye opener, we needed to be competing in the US market with a stronger local presence, so Alienvault LLC got up and running.

The first public presence for this branch of Alienvault (originally founded on March 2007 btw) was at RSA 2010. It was fun but B-Sides, where I gave a Crappy talk :stuck_out_tongue:, was much more interesting. But this is about the Company, so being there on the floor and sharing exhibit space with the other big players in the SIEM marketing was definetively a huge step forward.

So after the RSA (where it was four of us, our former VP of Sales and Marketing, our CEO, our future VP of Marketing and myself) I promptly decided to stay for a bit longer in the US and get the company rolling; this was too exciting.

So said and done, tons of paperwork to get going, getting an accountant and finding an office for the future HQ of the company.

Along the way we had the incredible luck of finding a VP of Sales in Jim Watts, who quickly implanted a very effective sales model in the US, and a VP of Marketing in Chris Blask.

The change of VP of Sales made us grow over 900% from Q4 2009 to Q4 2010 and the change of VP of Marketing will end up in a brand new web image we’re going to release early next year.

We found some nice offices around July too, at 1901 South Bascom Avenue, Suite 220, Campbell, CA 95008, closing down the Atlanta office and covering East, Mid and West of the US with 3 very high level Sales Directors, which will futher help us grow that part over here.

Marketing and finance people also joined us in order to complete, along with an increase of pre/post/support people, a great team with which to head into 2011, with a ton of great prospects along the road :blush:)

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