Jen Carole

Jen Carole

Jennifer Carole is an accomplished integrated marketing strategist with over 25 years of experience mostly as a marketing consultant in high tech, including over 30 companies ranging from Fortune 50 to start-ups, B2B to B2C. Relying on insights gained from exposure to so many business models, Jennifer’s expertise in brand development, integrated marketing, content creation, research, and user experience has consistently driven engagement, elevated brand visibility, and increased revenue. Notable achievements include generating $33 million in pipeline as Marketing VP at Bromium Cybersecurity and spearheading a website overhaul improving lead generation for Venafi Cybersecurity. As Director of Brand at Adobe, she led the charge by giving Adobe a consumer presence in retail. As a Project Manager at Siegel & Gale, Inc., a Saatchi and Saatchi Company, she provided branding and marketing recommendations for universities and consumer products like Home Savings, Bank of America, First Interstate Bank, and Pacific Bell. Jennifer created content using the Carnegie Mellon simplified English and information hierarchy techniques, skills she still uses today. Jennifer won the Platinum Blogger Award from Cisco Systems in 2011 and various Addy Awards for outstanding content

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