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October 2, 2023  |  Jen Carole

In an era dominated by technological evolution, Cybersecurity Awareness Month 2023, now celebrating its 20th year, accentuates the growing significance of cybersecurity. This initiative encourages individuals and organizations to embrace crucial cybersecurity measures to help with online safety. AT&T Cybersecurity once again demonstrates its commitment to this cause by actively participating in this pivotal educational month.

Cybersecurity is working all the time, everywhere, whenever you use technology.

As technology permeates every aspect of our lives, from mobile devices to connected home appliances, the necessity for robust cybersecurity has never been more pronounced. Cybercriminals persistently devise methods to compromise technology, aiming to disrupt personal and professional realms. For two decades, Cybersecurity Awareness Month has sought to underline these burgeoning challenges and offer clear, actionable advice to help people construct a secure digital environment for themselves and others.

Businesses such as AT&T Cybersecurity care about every part of the process, including awareness.

Specializing in business security services, AT&T Cybersecurity safeguards businesses through cybersecurity consulting and managed security services.  Additionally, AT&T includes protecting consumers through AT&T ActiveArmor and inherent network security. The company emphasizes the importance of ensuring the privacy and security of personal information, including emerging biometric markers such as fingerprints and eye-iris prints.

Theresa Lanowitz, Head Evangelist at AT&T Cybersecurity, calls out the nuance. "You can have security without privacy,” she explains, “but you cannot have privacy without security.” Hence, implementing proper security controls is pivotal to preventing unauthorized access and upholding privacy. “Consumers need to make sure the companies they share information with are committed to protecting their privacy,” she advises.

The theme for 2023 Cybersecurity Awareness Month is "Secure Our World."

The core messages revolve around four essential cybersecurity best practices:

  1. Use a Password Manager: Understanding the advantages of using password managers while debunking security and user-friendliness myths.
  2. Use Multifactor Authentication: Look for a way to turn on multifactor authentication on personal and professional devices and networks.
  3. Recognize and Report Phishing: Learn to identify and report phishing activities, a prevalent technique among cybercriminals.
  4. Update Software: Installing regular updates and activating automated updates are essential to ensure your software isn’t exposing your computer to threats.

The impact of Cybersecurity Awareness Month is expanding, to endow everyone with the requisite knowledge to stay safer online. AT&T Cybersecurity is proud to support this extensive online safety awareness and education initiative co-managed by the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency and the National Cybersecurity Alliance or CISA.

The ongoing dedication and commitment to cybersecurity awareness are imperative to counteract the escalating threats in the digital landscape. Cybersecurity Awareness Month 2023 stands as a testament to collective efforts in fostering a more secure digital world. AT&T Cybersecurity continues to be at the forefront, contributing to global cybersecurity success and ensuring privacy and security are synonymous with our digital identities.

More about Cybersecurity Awareness Month.

Founded in 2004, Cybersecurity Awareness Month occurs every October and is regarded as the preeminent global initiative focused on promoting cybersecurity awareness and best practices. This collaborative effort involves businesses, government agencies, educational institutions, associations, nonprofit organizations, tribal communities, and individuals, all dedicated to fostering online safety education.

For additional details about Cybersecurity Awareness Month 2023 and to engage in various activities, please visit CISA’s Cybersecurity Awareness Month and Stay Safe Online Cybersecurity Awareness Month. Also, follow and use #CybersecurityAwarenessMonth and #SecureOurWorld on social media throughout October.

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