Social Media Risks – The TweetChat

May 8, 2018  |  Javvad Malik

Our latest Tweetchat was on the topic of Social Media risks and featured guest Joseph Steinberg.

Why did we choose social media? Social channels are easy to overlook when companies are assessing assets and assigning criticality. Social usually falls under the banner of marketing, so IT teams sometimes have little or no visibility altogether into the digital footprint a company may have across social networks.

Because of this, it’s not uncommon to see social media accounts both attacked, or used as a medium through which attacks are launched or co-ordinated.

But what do the security people who hang out on Twitter think about all this?

Who is the most dangerous of all?

 We didn’t waste any time, wanting to know which social media network posed the greatest list. Facebook was mentioned several times.

 And even Snapchat got a mention for being posing more danger to children from a bullying perspective.

 Joseph laid out a balanced view on how each social media network brings its own unique set of risks.

 Risky business

Next up, we were interested in what advice people would give to businesses on specific social media risks to look out for.

 Most of the comments pertained to users over-sharing information on social networks. Be that personal information, location, or corporate details through text or photos. 


Social Media as an attack tool

Is social media used as an attack tool?

Our very own Chris Doman gave some interesting examples. 

While others gave some interesting viewpoints 

Monitoring capabilities 

 What social media monitoring capabilities are companies looking for? Multi-factor authentication was mentioned a few times – pretty timely as the tweetchat took place only a few hours before Twitter recommended all users change their passwords.

Attack trends 

Next, we looked forward and asked what trends would appear to be on the rise in the future. To which the answer was almost unanimously phishing, scams, and other tricky posts. 

Mandating social media security controls

Are there any controls people would like to see mandated?

Joseph correctly pointed out that mandated is a pretty strong word. 

While I took the opportunity to drop in a hip hop reference 

The role of threat intelligence

What role does threat intelligence play in social media security?

Pretty much everyone agreed. 

Wild predictions

Finally, to finish up, we asked for what people believed would be the most off-the-wall security prediction for social media in the future.

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