New! Getting Certified as an AlienVault USM Certified Security Engineer (AVSE)

March 20, 2018  |  Brandi Timmerman

I’m very pleased to announce that we have expanded the AlienVault® certification program. Our newest certification—AlienVault USM Certified Security Engineer (AVSE)—is now available for those who want to validate their skills with the AlienVault USM Anywhere products. Earning this certification demonstrates to the InfoSec community that you are skilled in the latest threat detection and incident response technology.

You may be familiar with our AlienVault Certified Security Engineer (ACSE) certification. ACSE is entirely focused on AlienVault USM Appliance and remains fully available. We’re pleased to extend our family of certifications to now include AVSE to validate skills with AlienVault USM Anywhere, our SaaS-delivered USM platform.  

We introduced this new certification so that our customers, partners and employees who work with AlienVault USM Anywhere can challenge themselves and work toward proving their ability to deploy, configure and manage the product.

The AVSE exam is designed to validate candidates’ knowledge of what they learned during the AlienVault USM Anywhere training courses: AlienVault® USM Anywhere™: Deploy, Configure, Manage (ANYDC) and AlienVault® USM Anywhere™: Security Analysis (ANYSA). The AVSE exam covers the skills and knowledge candidates learn in these two courses. While the training is not required to sit for the exam, we highly recommend taking the training as a way to prepare.

Why Certify on AlienVault USM Anywhere?

AlienVault USM Anywhere is a powerful product with numerous capabilities. When you take the AlienVault USM Anywhere training courses, you will learn things like how to differentiate between various types of attacks and how to fine tune and reduce irrelevant information in your environment. This will prepare you for the AVSE exam which focuses on the lessons we teach in class.  Earning this certification proves to the community that you are skilled in the latest threat detection and incident response technology.

Each training course (ANYDC and ANYSA) includes one voucher for the AVSE exam.

When you pass the AVSE exam, you receive a personalized certificate and an AlienVault USM Anywhere logo that you can use on your resume, CV, and social media profiles such as LinkedIn.

What’s new with exam registration and proctoring?

Our newest exam follows the lead of our other certification exams. It proctored by our exam delivery partner, Kryterion. You can choose to take an online proctored exam, in which you use your own webcam and take the test at your location. Or, you can choose to take the exam at a Kryterion testing center.

As an additional feature, if you choose to take the exam online proctored, you can register using a concierge service through Kryterion. This concierge service provides you with a smoother process for exam registration and testing your web cam prior to exam start.

If you’re familiar with the ACSE you know that exam is approximately 70-77 questions in length. The AVSE exam is a bit shorter, containing between 40 and 60 questions to be answered in 90 minutes.

How does Recertification work for the AVSE?

Much like the ACSE, the AVSE certification expires after 3 years. AlienVault USM Anywhere is a powerful product with a wide variety of capabilities that continue to expand and evolve. By recertifying every 3 years, AVSE certificate holders will continue to prove their skills and verify they are current with the latest features of the technology. 

To help candidates prepare for the recertification exam, AlienVault is happy to provide a copy of the latest training materials from the AlienVault® USM Anywhere™: Deploy, Configure, Manage (ANYDC) course and the AlienVault® USM Anywhere™: Security Analysis (ANYSA) course. These training materials will be provided at no additional cost. This is only available to candidates who have already been certified for AVSE.

It’s a very exciting time at AlienVault! I wish everyone success with AlienVault USM Anywhere and on the AVSE exam. If you have questions about exams or certifications, please reach us at

Get started with your AlienVault certification today!

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