Happy Mother’s Day! Serving, surviving, and thriving as a mom with a cyber career

May 12, 2023  |  Bindu Sundaresan

Being a mother and working in cybersecurity necessitates unique skillsets. As mothers, we understand time management, communication, and positive reinforcement. We emphasize the value of clear instructions and providing positive reinforcement. Mothers possess the capacity to remain calm and composed in any circumstance, while also possessing the skillset needed to coach, teach, or evaluate a situation. We excel at active listening which gives us an in-depth comprehension of any issue at hand.

Ultimately, mothers make invaluable assets to the cybersecurity field. We understand the necessity of prioritization and how to make the most out of any situation. We recognize that we cannot have it all at once, but together we can achieve a healthy work/life balance by delegating or outsourcing where feasible. Together, we can secure our futures - both at home and at work - by taking steps towards security today and tomorrow.


Prioritization is an integral element of cybersecurity. Organizations use it to prioritize tasks and resources, detect potential vulnerabilities, take immediate action to reduce the risk of attack, set achievable goals, and stay motivated towards achieving those objectives. By prioritizing their efforts, companies can guarantee their networks and data remain fully safeguarded.

Prioritization helps organizations identify which potential threats and risks are the most critical, so they can prioritize them for priority action. Prioritizing also helps organizations allocate their resources efficiently to tackle the most pressing concerns. By adopting a proactive cybersecurity approach, companies can better safeguard their data, systems, and networks from malicious actors.

Investments in Cybersecurity

When it comes to prioritizing investments in cybersecurity, we understand the critical need for organizations to have adequate resources and technology to protect networks and data. Investing in advanced technology can help organizations stay ahead of threats while providing protection from current ones. Furthermore, investing in training, awareness, and incident response programs helps organizations remain prepared and mitigate any potential risks.

Prioritizing alerts in cyber operations requires organizations to make sure they receive essential information quickly. We believe organizations must be alerted when suspicious activity is detected and be able to act swiftly. Furthermore, organizations must assess potential risks and mitigate them as quickly as possible.

Finally, we understand the criticality of prioritizing active response, risk mitigation, customers, and people - not to mention brand and reputation. Organizations should create an comprehensive active response plan tailored specifically for their requirements. Additionally, we recognize the significance of understanding and managing risk; organizations should prioritize their customers, people, zero trust, brand and reputation to guarantee maximum security.

Overall, mothers can be invaluable resources in this field of cybersecurity. We understand the critical role prioritization plays and how to maximize any situation. By prioritizing investments, alerts, active response plans, risk assessments, customers and people issues as well as zero trust policies - not to mention brand and reputation protection - we can create a cybersecurity strategy that safeguards our organizations from malicious attacks.

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