Cybersecurity as a Service: A new, flexible model for security program development and operation

October 23, 2023  |  Danyel Loyd-Tate

Cybersecurity services are changing, especially cybersecurity consulting. Vendors are quickly adapting service delivery models as they look to better support digital-first business and security leaders are tasked with driving business innovation and growth by going faster, being more agile, and doing more with fewer people.  New models like “Cybersecurity as a Service” are emerging, aimed at addressing such challenges. 

Watch this brand new video short and learn how it all works from AT&T Cybersecurity consultant, Bindu Sundaresan. Dave Gruber of Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) interviews Bindu in this video to break it down:

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2023 AT&T Cybersecurity Insights Report: Edge Ecosystem

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