Helping Your Clients Achieve Compliance via Your Managed Services Practice

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Meeting security standards found in compliance mandates is no easy feat for your clients. Your customers come to you to solve this challenge. You need to deliver a service that comprehensively demonstrates your client’s adherence to numerous compliance mandates. Your services can only do so much; you need tools to assist you in meeting these aggressive requirements.

In this webinar, learn more about helping your clients achieve AND maintain regulatory compliance via your cost-effective service offering based on AlienVault USM. As well as:

  • Why regulatory compliance is important to your clients… and your practice
  • Why leveraging the right technology makes all the difference when building a compliance management service offering
  • How to achieve and maintain regulatory compliance no matter your clients’ blend of technology and security expertise

Meet Your Host

Garrett Gross

Director, Field Enablement

Garrett comes from a diverse IT background, including network/systems administration and sales engineering. As a former practitioner, he understands the challenges that businesses face and leverages that insight to help organizations of all sizes reach their security goals.