Alarm Analysis with AlienVault USM

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You likely spend the most time reviewing and analyzing the network security of your environment using various options provided in the USM Appliance web UI Analysis menu. Within the Analysis menu, alarms are generated by any event with a calculated risk value of 1 or greater. Additionally, alarms can be searched for by using filters. Join us as we discuss Alarm Analysis and how you can better understand them in your AlienVault USM deployment. 

In this webinar you will learn: 

  • How system logs and network packets become alarms
  • How we use threat intelligence to determine what log/packet becomes an alarm
  • How to drill into the details of an alarm to determine what caused it and in turn how to remediate it

Meet Your Host

John Ó Ríordán

Sr. Technical Trainer

John Ó Ríordán is a Sr. Technical Trainer for AlienVault with 16 years of experience in Software Development, Operating Systems, Virtualization and Cloud solutions. Previously he worked for companies such as EMC, Siemens, IBM and VMware. He develops and delivers training online and in person for AlienVault Customers.