Things I Hearted This Week – 27th October 2017

October 27, 2017  |  Javvad Malik

The role of marketing in cybersecurity

This is from an interview with Theresa Payton, former CIO of the White House, who offers interesting comments and observations around the role of marketing and why CMOs need to work closer with CISOs:

My pushback has been for some time that this is a wake-up call for the security side. The reason these colossal security systems don’t work is because we don’t design for humans. We design the perfect systems and then we claim that the users are making the mistakes.

Public speaking for academic economists

The title of this is probably the furthest thing you might expect from information security, but it made my list this week because it is actually very relevant. Just like academics, information security professionals often have to convey complex concepts to non-security professionals. This deck lays out a lot of very useful points that are worth bearing in mind.

Equifax woes continue

The UK financial regulator is stepping into the mess following the huge breach at Equifax. The regulator has said it is investigating the circumstances – and has the potential to fine or even revoke the company's right to operate in the UK.

Ghost of scammers

In a story that proves that nothing is sacred to scammers, a Louisiana-based funeral home had its email account taken over and scam emails sent out to customers and suppliers asking for money.

If a funeral home isn’t safe from hackers, who is?

Google testing Android feature to hide DNS requests

Google has added support in Android for an experimental feature that will encrypt DNS requests and prevent network-level attackers from snooping on user traffic. This new feature is named "DNS over TLS," an experimental protocol currently receiving comments at the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), an Internet standards body.

Czech election websites hacked, vote unaffected

The websites used for presentation of the Czech Republic's election results were hacked, the Czech Statistical Office (CSU) said on Sunday, adding that the vote count was not affected. But they would have to say that wouldn’t they?

It’s not the first time the Czechs have made the news for being on the wrong side of a hack. Back in January, the governments accused a “Statelike actor” of infiltrating the Czech Foreign Ministry and gaining access to emails belonging to foreign ministers and colleagues.

The dark web’s most notorious thief, Phishkingz, gets doxxed

The most feared thief on the dark web has been exposed by a vigilante hacker, proving that no one is safe in the lawless underbelly of the internet.

Maintaining separate identities online can be tough even for the most hardened criminals, and a small mistake can lead to lead to real identities being exposed, as occurred in this case.

Millions of Malaysian citizens allegedly for sale online

The personal data of "millions" of Malaysian citizens has reportedly been listed for sale online in what could potentially be the biggest information leak in the country's history. According to Malaysian technology website Lowyat, which has published screenshots of the exposed citizen data, an unknown seller was caught advertising the leak on its forums.

Platform Security Architecture for IoT

Arm has unveiled Platform Security Architecture (PSA) to act as a common framework to enhance the security of IoT devices.

It’s a good move, and long overdue. How successful it will be is still to be seen. It probably won’t affect the large number of devices already out in the wild, but hopefully will stem some of the tide of awfully insecure IoT devices that are being manufactured today.

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