New life, new blog platform (again!)

March 15, 2010  |  Dominique Karg

I decided to move from the old blogging platform to (And now to Labs!!!)

I did setup pyblosxom for but I noticed that I was getting more and more tired of having to edit the html manually, copy it to the host, preview it, move it to the right place, etc, etc…

So here is this new iteration of the blog, I hope I’ll have a chance to post much more often now with this. Focus will still be around OSSIM, Alienvault and personal rants, but as said, I expect to write more often now.

Thanks a ton to all that have read the stuff I posted in the past and are still hanging around :blush:

For those new to the blog, the old one will be around for a long time at


PS: More info about the “new life” part as soon as I can talk about it :wink:

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