Orchestration Rules

Role Availability Read-Only Investigator Analyst Manager

USM Anywhere enables you to create and manage your own orchestration rules. Keep in mind that these rules verify whether they match with every new event Any traffic or data exchange detected by LevelBlue products through a sensor or external devices such as a firewall. coming into the system.

Warning: Orchestration rules only apply to future events and alarms.

Suppression rules using the Contains, Match and Match, case insensitive operators apply to future events and alarms, not to events and alarms received in the current day.

USM Anywhere includes these orchestration rules:

Note: USM Anywhere follows a specific order for applying orchestration rules. See Orchestration Rules Workflow for more information.

The order of the conditions is significant because USM Anywhere follows a specific order when it evaluates the rule conditions, reading them from left to right. If your rule includes the packet_type and plugin_device fields, these should always occur first in the order.

You can also create orchestration rules from the details of an event or alarm. The functionality works the same way and the dialog box is similar when you are creating a rule either from a detail page of an event or alarm or from the settings page.

Important: The easiest way to configure an orchestration rule is from the Alarm and the Events details pages. See Creating Notification Rules from the Alarms Page, Creating Alarm Rules from the Events Page, and Creating Notification Rules from the Events Page for more information.

BlueApp™ Orchestration Rules

Some of the AlienApps [[[Undefined variable Core.ProductBlueApps]]] extend the threat detection and security orchestration capabilities of the USM Anywhere platform to other security tools that your IT team uses, providing a consolidated approach to threat detection and response. available in USM Anywhere enable you to automate and orchestrate response actions in third-party security tools, which simplifies and accelerates your threat detection and incident response Incident response is a business process or plan dictating how an organization handles security incidents such as a security breach or attack. processes. With a configured integration, these BlueApps include support for app actions in orchestration rules: