Manage User Accounts

Applies to Product: USM Appliance™ LevelBlue OSSIM®

User account management encompasses the tasks administrators perform to create, modify, delete, duplicate, or disable user accounts locally on USM Appliance.

To manage user accounts from the USM Appliance web interface, go to Configuration > Administration > Users. The Users page includes the following components:

  • An action bar with the options New, Modify, Delete Selected, Duplicate Selected, and Multilevel Tree, which displays the user accounts in a tree structure.
  • A drop-down menu that allows you to configure the number of users to display at one time
  • A list of user accounts

User Information section on the User Administration page in USM.

User Account Fields




Username required to log into the LevelBlue USM Appliance web UI.


The real name of that user in the system.


The email address of the user. It is used to send notifications or reports to the user.


The entity the user belongs to.


Indicates whether the user account is enabled or disabled. You can use this field when Enable or Disable a User Account.


The interface is available in either English or Spanish.

Creation Date

Date the user account was created.

Last Login Date

Last date the user logged into the system.

You can also search for templates by clicking the search icon () and specifying the name of the user you are searching for.