Duplicate a User Account

Applies to Product: USM Appliance™ LevelBlue OSSIM®

Duplicating an existing user account can save time when you want to create a new user and the new user should have access to most of the same parts of the web interface. For example, you have several employees in the IT group that are responsible for managing USM Appliance tickets. You've already created one user with the appropriate selections for a template, visibility, and assets. Not everything will be identical, of course, but, it often takes less time to deselect a category of authorization than to add many new ones.

To duplicate an existing user account

  1. From the USM Appliance web UI, go to Configuration > Administration > Users > User Information.
  2. Select the user account you want to duplicate by clicking the row of that user.
  3. Click Duplicate Selected.
  4. A new page displays and you will find that USM Appliance appends _duplicated to the User Login field to highlight that the account is a duplicate.
  5. Change any field of the user account as needed.

    For instructions to help make changes to the duplicated account, see Create New Accounts for Local Users.

  6. Click Save.