Deploy the USM Anywhere Sensor from the Azure Marketplace

After you review the requirements and make sure that your Microsoft Azure environment is configured as needed, you can deploy the USM Anywhere Sensor for Azure. LevelBlue provides the virtual machine (VM) template for the sensor and makes it available through the Microsoft Azure Marketplace for easy deployment.

Note: Azure limits the availability of the Azure Marketplace to customers according to country. On the Marketplace FAQs page, the "Azure Marketplace for Customers" section provides a current list of supported countries.

To deploy a USM Anywhere Sensor from the Azure Marketplace

  1. Go to the USM Anywhere Sensor Downloads page and click the icon of your specific sensor.

    If you are not already logged in to the Azure console, this link launches the Microsoft Azure Login page. Provide your Azure account credentials (username and password) and click Sign in.

  2. On the page, review the details of the license and click Create.

    This takes you to the Create a virtual machine page, which guides you through the steps for deploying the USM Anywhere Sensor VM.

    Review the license information and click Create

  3. On the Basics tab, specify the required fields for the VM:

    Create a virtual machine in Azure

  4. Click Next : Disks.
  5. On the Disks tab, select Standard SSD as the disk type.
  6. Click Next : Networking.
  7. On the Networking tab, select the virtual network or subnet upon which the USM Anywhere Sensor VM should be installed. Keep the other defaults.

    Important: Make sure you install the USM Anywhere Sensor in the network that has sufficient connectivity to the assets that you want to monitor.

  8. Click Review + create to keep the defaults on the remaining tabs.
  9. On the Review + create tab, review your specifications and the cost summary.
  10. Click Create.

    This starts the deployment of the USM Anywhere Sensor, which can take up to six minutes.

  11. After deployment finishes, click Go to resource or go to the overview page of the VM and locate its public IP address.

    Copy the public IP for the USM Anywhere Sensor VM

  12. Paste the IP address into your browser to launch the USM Anywhere Sensor Setup page.

    Important: This link requires that inbound port 80 is open for the sensor VM, which is not a default network setting on Azure. See Sensor Ports and Connectivity for more information.


Connect the Azure Sensor to USM Anywhere